Olive Leaf Extract 85% liquid
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Olive Leaf Extract
85% 100 ml / 500 ml – liquid

Olive Leaf Liquid Group

Since the 4th millennium before Christ, the olive tree is used by humans in many different ways. Especially the leaves of the olive tree are rich in ingredients such as oleuropein and flavonoids. In recent years, these active ingredients have attracted a lot of attention. As a result, there are now many studies which confirm the positive attributes of these ingredients and their effectiveness in very diverse areas of application.


Due to the bitter substances in the olive leaves, the liquid olive leaf extract tastes very bitter. To reduce this bitterness, vegetable glycerine (derived from coconuts) is added to the olive leaf extract which creates a sweeter taste. It is also important to know that the extract from the olive leaves is in no way comparable to generic olive oil. Olive oil is produced from the olive fruits of the olive tree and contains only a fraction of the ingredients found in the leaf itself.


For legal reasons, we as the manufacturer of this product may not make any statements regarding the effect of Olive Leaf Extract. We recommend that you do your own independent research and use expert sources for information on the ingredient.